Follow your passions

Follow your passions

One of my greatest passions are animals. I love going to the zoo when I can, and I love to see the documents that portray moments of life in nature.

Can it be a good starting point for an application? Certainly animal games are more complex to make in terms of graphics and development, and I don’t know if I have the skills and the time needed, “simplify” I said to myself.

One evening with friends, playing cards, we had fun trying to guess the direction of the animals. I looked for an app that can do this, there are many that reproduce their sound, but none of them challenge you to guess the way.

Wow, I found something very unique I told myself. I decided to create an app to reproduce the sound of many animals, divided into categories and above all I decided to implement a small game in the app where a random verse is played and the user is challenged to guess which way it is, nice right?

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