The unexpected events of life

The unexpected events of life

Just when I was going right, life comes before me. A really difficult year from the point of view of my emotions, I had serious losses and moments of despair that took me away from my second hobby (the first will always remain the love for family and for relationships with people dear to me. ).

I read that google is implementing a new powerful system that among the many features also allows you to develop applications, it is called flutter. Until now I have used unity and android studio, I need something faster and more immediate to not waste any more time, let’s try flutter.

After 1 month, Flutter was an incredible discovery, quick to learn, quick to use and super-optimized for mobile. On the flutter page they also advertise firebase, another google mom product, a database suitable for small businesses, interesting.

What could I develop with both? I would like a simple app without saving images or videos, more difficult to manage, just text for now.

I could take a quiz, where I get the question from the database and the user answers it, but what do I need the database for in this system? I could do it all locally, unless the database did not take into account the votes of the users, right, I could make a quiz app with the votes of the users.

There are 2 difficult choices, which one do you choose between the two? Will you have chosen as the majority?

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