Something more

Something more

We are always playing the same games. I want something more, I want to evolve my skills. Why not develop something multiplayer? Mmmmh, too difficult? Let’s do some internet research.

There are a lot of tools and packages that allow you to use the network to exchange data over the internet, but most of them are paid and too complex, we are looking for a middle ground.

I found google play games, besides being free it doesn’t seem too difficult to implement, let’s try.

My first multiplayer application won’t be something too difficult, what could I do with simple messages between connected users? Make something appear on the connected player’s screen, but what? a simple button can go but the fun?

Why not make it possible for him to send infinite buttons to the opposing player, so as to make his life a little complex? And why not make sure that those who do not press all these buttons in time lose? I like the idea.

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