This is not the time to give up

This is not the time to give up

8 months without continuing with what I like to do, the apps. Studying at university and family commitments did not allow me to pursue my hobbies, ahhh serious mistake.

Like all beginners I have come to know that the flappy bird application produces a lot more money in a month than I will nedr in my life. What would you have done after this news? A similar app :D

But I don’t want to run into copyright or problems, I don’t want to copy the app completely, I want to evolve it, let’s say.

Dinosaurs, monkeys, bears, sharks, SHARKS, yes sharks never go out of fashion, as well as penguins (at the aquarium they are among the most sociable animals).

With a game mechanic similar to flappy bird but substantially different, Shark vs Penguin was born.

The penguin must pass through the marble blocks avoiding the shark attacks, can you guide the poor penguin?

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