At the cinema they make a movie with the shark, that's cool

At the cinema they make a movie with the shark, that’s cool

I came out of the cinema, after seeing a beautiful movie with a shark.

I’ve always seen sharks as the kings of the seas. My biggest fear would be to find myself in the middle of the ocean and see a fin on the horizon, luckily it will never happen, or maybe it could happen?

Do you remember? With apps, anything can happen. An application with a shark would make me regain unity, because surely it would be a game. I have already done a game with a shark, I want to do something new, I want to command and have a personal shark in my phone, a wallpaper?

I made a wallpaper where your Sharky, your pet shark, keeps turning on your mobile phone display. I had to buy graphic resources from a graphic designer and a package to develop wallpaper in unity, so it seems reasonable to me to try to put the little sharky for a fee, less than a coffee to have sharky.

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