We are eternal children

We are eternal children

We are eternal children, we have fun with simple things, and perhaps this is also the meaning of life.

The best thing in life is to give a smile, it costs you nothing to do it. As a child I remember laughing at every fart we made between friends and it still makes me laugh to hear them in the least opportune moments.

The biggest problem is the fact that you can’t fart on command to make someone laugh, or can you? ;) With apps you can do everything right?

it’s a bit different app from the ones I’ve made so far, but as long as I can bring a smile to even one person in the world I’ll be satisfied, let’s do it!

A simple app, push a button and fart, so you can play all the pranks you want on your friends and acquaintances. 1, 7, 19, 73, 100. Let’s make an effort and find 100 farts, so there will be a large catalog of jokes for everyone to enjoy. Prrrrrrrr, was it you? ;)

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