Would you rather kids

The would you rather for kids free questions are suitable for the kids audience


Would you rather for kids free is a simple fun trivia word kids free game in which you have to choose between two different choices and analyze the result.

Why would you rather be suitable for kids?

  • The questions in would you raather kids do not contain vulgarity or words that can be harmful to kids.

  • In addition, the kids themselves can ask questions and before being approved, each question is checked and reviewed by our team to make sure it is suitable for an audience of kids.

This game contains hundreds of words and new questions are added every day. You can also add your own would you rather questions and follow their progress.

Playing is simple: just choose one of kids options that appear on the screen (take the dare to respond, you can’t skip the choice).

Thinking about it and think carefully about what to choose because some choices really put you in trouble. After answer the truth, dynamically the choices will be enlarged, making you see clearly what the other players voted for and the total number of votes collected for that question.

Each kids quiz is taken from the database based on the language of your mobile phone, only if this is not present is presented in English..

Example : would you rather  🔴 Be a pilot  or  🔵 Be a doctor?

Play the game, what would you rather? 🔴🔵.


  • Would you rather game for all, our game can be played by all ages, even kids, before approving a question, we check that it does not contain vulgar or offensive language

  • Choose one of the two thinking quiz that appear to you on screen, classic game.

  • Real-time results.

  • Graphics that are automatically expanded based on the percentage of users who voted.

  • Write your questions and keep track of the results.

  • Would you rather is free game. You will have unlimited access of our all features.

The game would you rather be known as this or that, dilemma game.