Would you rather

Choose between two difficult choices in this would you rather trivia quiz game


Are you looking for an addictive would you rather game to sharpen your mind? This is an amazing would you rather quiz game where you have to choose between two difficult and hardest choices.

Download would you rather game for free. The best questions are ready for you now!

Would you rather game is similar to the truth or dare game, with amazing functionalities and good interaction design. It provides thousands of good and deep would you rather questions for an amazing experience. Join our new trivia word quiz game now, make your choice, and find out what others vote. You’re going to love our would you rather challenge game!

This Trivia Quiz Game has various features that will enhance your experience. Some questions are pretty hilarious and some are hard to choose. Discover our would you rather online game now, answer the truth and dare questions, explore the most voted choices, write your questions and keep track of the results. You’ll get some really interesting answers and unexpected results.

Our goal is to offer different and unique trivia questions for all ages, even kids, before approving a question, we check that it does not contain vulgar or offensive language.

Why you have to download and install Would You Rather Game on your android smartphone or tablet?

  • It’s very easy to use so you need just to install it on your device and use it instantly.

  • It provides thousands of hand-picked trivia questions for adults and kids.

  • It’s free and it will stay free for life, so there are no hidden fees, no special memberships, and no annual subscription fees.

How to play?

  • Choose one of wyr options that appear on the screen

  • Think carefully about what to choose because some choices really put you in trouble.

  • Answer the truth, dynamically the choices will be enlarged, making you see clearly what the other players voted for and the total number of votes collected for that question.


  • ★ Easy to Use

  • ★ Thousands of questions

  • ★ Real-time results

  • ★ The percentage of users who voted

  • ★ Write your questions and keep track of the results.

  • ★ Beautiful Visual

  • ★ Totally FREE

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