QR Scanner & Barcode Reader

Quickly scan your QR code and read barcode. Customize and create your QR


The QR code Scanner app scans your QR codes or barcodes very quickly. The app has been designed to guarantee speed and efficiency in reading. QR reader & barcode reader reads in an instant.

QR scanner automatically saves your readings, you can find them easily each time the application is used. You can decide whether to customize the scanners made. Customize them however you like and find them easily.

You can use the QR code generator easily. Write a text and the QR code or Barcode you want will be dynamically created.

Features :

  • Fast QR code Scanner
  • Fast Barcode Scanner
  • QR code Generator
  • Barcode Generator
  • Personalization
  • Quick start
  • Choose whether to launch the app in scanner mode or QR code menu mode