Phone info

How is the status of your battery, the sensors, what model is your phone/device?


Do you want to have detailed information on your phone or device? Phone info app introduces you to your device down to the smallest detail.

Do you want to know the battery status? the model of your mobile phone? which sensors is your mobile phone equipped with? Download phone info app and find out.

There are 5 categories

  • System Find out the model, the manufacturer, the hardware, the type of device, your mobile number, the Android version, the SDK version and much more

  • Device View the display resolution, ram, internal and external memory space

  • Battery Find out the status of your battery, is it in good condition? It also displays the temperature, the voltage

  • Network Is wifi available? what ip address does your mobile have? Is NFC present?

  • Sensor What model and manufacturer does your accelerometer or gyroscope have? Discover all the sensors on your mobile phone

These are just some of the information that phone info app gives you. install it in your device to view them all!