Invaders From Space

In this space invaders game, defend space with your airplane from galaxy attack


Defend space by destroying as many space invaders (normal enemy and Bosses enemy), as you can.

In this arcade space invaders game, you are a airplane that sails in the infinite galaxy that seeks to defend the space by destroying the alien that appear to you in front. If you can attack and destroy the weaker space aliens, they will call for reinforcements, and you will have to face an ever-growing horde of space invaders.

Sometimes galaxy alien will call the strongest enemies in their rescue: the Alien Bosses.

The more galaxy aliens you defeat the higher your score will be. Shoot them all. A higher score means more chance to get to the finish line: get ranked first! In this you will be helped by the special powers that will leave enemies when they die and that will boost your spaceship.


  • 6 types of different enemies/aliens
  • 6 different Alien Boss types

Each of them shoots trying to destroy you differently.

Special Powers

  • Restore Life: reload the player’s life
  • Invincibility: makes the player invincible
  • Double laser: allows the player to shoot in double mode
  • Quadruple laser: allows the player to shoot in quadruple mode


  • L / R buttons: Controls the shuttle with the Left / Right buttons that appear on the screen
  • Joystick: Controls the shuttle with a joystick that appears on screen
  • All Screen: Check the full screen shuttle, if you press on the left side it will move to the left, if you press right it will move to the right

This is a Space Invaders game, in classic arcade games style.