Countdown Timer

Countdown timer allows you to set a timer to yours events in different mode.


Countdown, set a timer to all type of yours events in different mode, such as “123456 seconds”. Set a timer and receive notifications when the days expired.

Try all mode, countdown timer app can countdown to your events in different units : Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds.

And that’s not all, we plan to add more counting methods in the future.

You will receive the notification as soon as the countdown expires, or you can set a personalized notification, both in the date and in the time.

You still have a few seconds to think, will you download this timer ?

Not only countdown but also countup : at the end of the countdown, the timer will start counting the time in reverse, countup, so you can also know how much time has passed since a certain date.

This app has been designed to adapt to any type of screen, you can zoom in and out as you wish the timer. You can also completely customize the timer, in the colors, in the orientation, in the way you work, in the personalized notifications.